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January 17 2020


@dessadarling Always kind of hope that these “anybody traveling from A to B this weekend” requests for help that I…

January 16 2020


My husband just informed me casually that he double spaces after each period and I don’t know how I’m going to affo…

January 15 2020


News: I’m making a documentary about motherhood and I’d love to talk to you if you’re a mother who fits the brief b…

January 08 2020


My downstairs neighbor is away today, so not heating his flat. My cats are very grumpy about the lack of their favo…

January 06 2020


I'd be more upset about the rising trend of authors and performers spewing transphobic hate speech with no conseque…

December 30 2019


Meine Familie ist an sich überhaupt nicht abergläubisch, eine unumstößliche Regel gibts trotzdem: Über den Jahres…

December 28 2019

December 20 2019


There is absolutely no place for TERFs here. Treating trans people with dignity saves lives. Transphobia kills. I d…

December 14 2019


Sie wird von Don Alphonso, Anna Schneider, Marcus Franz und co geshitstormt. Soll ich euch ausrichten. bussi!

December 11 2019

December 08 2019

December 05 2019

December 04 2019


Me: please send a 100 word bio Artist: *sends 3 page essay* Me: I said 100 word bio Artist: feel free to edit *Exhi…


@ceschi in michigan, somebody elses good friend opened the doors on their legal weed sales store for the first time…


I officially became a UK citizen today, alongside my new friends Andreas from Greece and Karima from Saudi Arabia
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