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April 24 2017

April 22 2017


This entire thread about #DrupalConfessions & the larger #Drupal situation with Larry Garfield is SPOT ON. Thank yo…

HEADCRASH - Crossing Europe

HEADCRASH by MICHAEL WIRTHIG goes #crossingeurope. thx for the credit!

April 21 2017

Devuan GNU+Linux Free/Libre Operating System

This distro wasn't built in 1 day. Nor was easy. But we got there, together. Thanks to all the team and community

April 20 2017


#FROzine zum @crossingeurope Filmfestival Linz mit Christine Dollhofer und Gerald Harringer live bei Martin…

April 15 2017

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Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctbXQ4Facj8)
Heute NoppenAir Warmup: Yasmo & Die Klangkantine, Manuel Normal, Schmafu @STADTWERKSTATT @junQonline @NoppenAir


Spread this please: On toxic monogamy culture #heteronormativity

April 14 2017

Conversation with @jackaponte (with tweets) · noneck · Storify

I LOVE @jackaponte. This is one of the most powerful/moving threads you'll read today. Thank you. #DrupalConfessions

April 13 2017

April 07 2017


We in this Bish! Vinnea, Austria 🇦🇹 Tonight @SIMSdoomtree 9pm doors


Having translated it, I can confirm it is certainly worth reading.

April 06 2017


Linz tonight. Doors at 9pm

Who Built Africa? | The Public Medievalist

Medieval Africa for your morning!
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