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June 14 2017


White on white crime has long been a problem. Perhaps now your community will admit that killing each other is a se…


Almost every domestic terrorist has turned out to have been a domestic abuser first. TAKE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN SE…

June 13 2017


Almost ready for our soil tasting workshop: samples of soil and bacteria waiting for the participants. #geophagy…

June 12 2017


Come for the Pirates and Robots. Stay for the hard hitting commentary about where we are & where we are headed--Aut…

June 10 2017


Ash has come close to mugging girl-children for their dolls. So today we took him Doll Shopping at Hamleys. He is t…

June 09 2017


@aderieg genau!!! unsere brauchen uns auch nur noch wenig zum kuemmern, deshalb hab ich jetzt einen hund. aber sich…




@aderieg vielleicht musst einfach im urlaub fahren und dir so n typen aufreissen, ersatzweise, quasi :D

Life Goes On: New Friends After Huge Losses

Life Goes On: Opening Up To New Friends After Big Losses

June 08 2017


Danke Linz, danke #Smartonomy! Der #FeministCrypting Workshop war awesome!

June 07 2017


I'm in Linz tomorrow! 2pm Feminist Crypting Workshop @ #Smartonomy Mobility without Fingerprints?…


Yea the new aircon in our datacenter is up running! Now blackouts yet!

An Empire of Memory - Hardback - Matthew Gabriele - Oxford University Press

u can buy my book at #medievaltwitter #twitterstorians 3/

Update your browser to use Google Drive - Google Drive Help

Welcome new followers! If u wanna read academic stuff, articles FREE as PDFs at #medievaltwitter #twitterstorians 1/


Prepping for Saturday's Network Diagnostics workshop at @furtherfield as part of @antiuniversity. Info:…


Those are some pretty killer blurbs, @Annaleen

June 06 2017


I love watching MRAs spend their day yelling at bots about feminism.

O&E313580.qxd - Organization-Environment-2008-Bellamy-Foster-3-371.pdf

CLASSICAL MARXISM AND THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS Marx/Engels, the Heat Death of the Universe Hypothesis, and the Origins of Ecological Economics JOHN BELLAMY FOSTER University of Oregon PAUL BURKETT Indiana State University
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